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    Augusto Murer, the centenary of the sculptor’s birth

    Falcade and Val del Biois celebrate the centenary of the birth of the sculptor Augusto Murer

    May 21st marks the centenary of the birth of Augusto Murer, artist, sculptor, partisan, painter and all-round intellectual.

    Ā«Augusto Murer died 37 years agoĀ», saidĀ Elio Armano, sculptor and Augusto’s friend, Ā«this is the reason why setting in motion this operation is complicated, for a lot of time has passed. It will be a sort of a long run that will add unforeseen initiatives, starting from the Belluno’s exhibition, that will take place in the beautiful Palazzo Fulcis. The program for the celebrations of Augusto Murer’s centenary already results ambitious, underlined Armano; is like a piece of art, inĀ continuous transformation. Some of the initiatives are listed below:

    • Falcade, Molino, Museo Augusto Murer – from Saturday,Ā June 18th, to Sunday, September 25th: visits in the spaces rearranged for the centenary Ā (schedule: 10-12 and 15-19).
    • Belluno, Museo Fulcis – ā€œMurer. Alle origini della sculturaā€ from June 30th to September 18th: exhibition of young Murer’s art. Art exhibition of the young Murer. Inauguration on Friday, July 1st at 18. Presentation of the book edited by Dino Marangon with the introduction of Carlo Cavalli (curator of Museo Fulcis). Scientific committee: Elio Armano, Carlo Cavalli, Tiziana Pagani Cesa, Dino Marangon. Contributions and testimonies of Elio Armano, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Francesco Jori, Mirko Marzaro, Giuseppe Mendicino, Franco Posocco, Chiara Visentin. Pictures by Luca Bellus. Layout e graphics by Marco Auriemma. Prints and set-up: Grafiche Antiga.
    • Canale dā€™Agordo, Museo Albino Luciani, ā€œI grandi silenzi. La Crocifissione di Cristo attraverso gli occhi, le mani e il cuore di Augusto Murerā€ – from July 1st to September 11st, (every day, 9-13 and 14-19); from September 12th to October 31st (Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9- 12 and 15-18).
    • Canale dā€™Agordo, Casa delle Regole, ā€œAnna Rech, anche le donne emigravano… Lā€™emigrazione in Brasile attraverso gli occhi, le mani e il cuore di Augusto Murerā€ – from July 1st to August 31st (10.30-12.30 and 16.30-18.30).
    • Falcade, Casa della GioventuĢ€ di Caviola,ā€œ Augusto Murer: la sua vita, la sua arte e il suo territorioā€, conference with Elio Armano, Giuseppe Mendicino, don Andrea Piccolin, Comune di Falcade – Friday, August 5th (20.30).
    • Canale dā€™Agordo, Museo Albino Luciani,ā€œ I Grandi Silenziā€, Augusto Murer’s bas-reliefs as part of the beatification of Albino Luciani – September, 4th.
    • Longarone Fiere, ā€œRassegna antologica di Augusto Murerā€ and open-air symposium reserved for young artists in memory of the great sculptor-from September, 9th to September 25th.
    • Vittorio Veneto (TV), book and exhibition on the “Alla Vittoria” monument, curated by Franco Posocco e Antonella Uliana – until October.
    • Brasile, events in memory of Augusto Murer in Caxias do Sul, in the Rio Grande do Sul state, for the big bronze door in the San Pellegrino’s church.
    • Vicenza, Busato’s printing house in ContraĢ€ Porta S. Lucia, 38. ā€œMurer e lā€™arte incisoriaā€.
    • Venezia, ā€œRicordando la ā€˜Partigianaā€™. Pensando a Murer, Carlo Scarpa e Giuseppe Mazzariolā€.
    • Vicenza, Accademia Olimpica. Gaetano Thiene, Chiara Visentin e Elio Armano remembers the “vicentino” Murer.
    • Pieve di Soligo (TV), events occouring with the centenery of Andrea Zanzotto at Villa Brandolini.

    Newspapers remember the sculptor Augusto Murer

    ClickĀ hereĀ for the article written byĀ Gazzettino di Belluno Ā on the centenary of Augusto’s birth and the celebrations in the bellunese territory, in Veneto and in Brazil.

    Val del Biois hosts fascinating museums with a rich artistic, historic and cultural heritage: visit theĀ museumsĀ page and start an exciting journey on the culture and traditionsĀ ofĀ FalcadeĀ and theĀ Val del Biois!


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